Features of the VMeliminator

stable operation

The main advantage of the VMeliminator is the Patent Pending Vaporization Chamber. By utilizing an thermally conductive heat sink, the temperature fluctuation is significantly reduced. This allows rapid vaporization of the oxalic acid, consistent dosing from hive to hive, and minimal downtime after a reload.

Temperature controlled

Through the use of a temperature controller, the VMeliminator maintains a stable and programmable temperature in the oxalic acid vaporization chamber. The controller has a digital readout so there is a visible indication of when the VMeliminator is ready to vaporize the oxalic acid. The controller also reduces the chances of overheating the oxalic acid and decomposing it, allowing more consistent dosages to be applied.

Dual Airflow Control

The VMeliminator has 2 adjustable airflow control valves so the idling flow rate and the activated flow rate can both be set. This allows the operator to optimize the delivery of the oxalic acid with a quick adjustment.

quick treatments

The VMeliminator delivers 1200 watts of heat to the vaporization chamber for fast startup and rapid treatment. The size of the chamber also allows for multiple hives to be treated with a single reload. This allows for a yard of 80 hives to be treated in under 30 minutes in most situations.

operator serviceable

The VMeliminator is designed with operator maintenance in mind. If any repairs are required, they can be completed without damaging the vaporizer due to its serviceable design. This allows for quick repairs and downtime is minimized.